You can’t plant a tree without believing in the future

Canadian photographer-filmmaker Rita Leistner turns her lens on the denizens of a tree planting camp in British Columbia...

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Another Fantastic ★★★★ Review for CONSCIENTIOUS PROTECTORS

"The documentary brings across all the tension, excitement and trepidation that participants felt. It is an inspirationa...

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New Documentary Follows The Extinction Rebellion Protests That Shut Down London

The film follows XR’s founders as they rally activists for the largest nonviolent civil disobedience event this generati...

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"This documentary should rightfully double up as a canny handbook on how to conduct civil disobedience." No Tory would...

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Conscientious Protectors: A story of rebellion against extinction

Conscientious Protectors puts you right in the middle of the beginnings of the Extinction Rebellion movement. The film f...

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Learning how to bee

  ‘It’s about learning the values of an elder generation, about how to prioritize.’ In 2015, Naomi Mark thought she wa...

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Bees and Bushfires

BEES AND BUSHFIRES   To our Demand Film community. There's not a single Australian unaffected by the bushfires. We m...

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A platform that lets audiences choose what should be screened in cinemas across the world!

What If We Got to Decide What's Playing at the Megaplex? 'When The Storm Fades is being shown in cinemas across Canada...

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See what the press has to say about When The Storm Fades

The verdict is in! Still haven't reserved your tickets to When The Storm Fades? Read the articles below to see why you n...

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Why dwindling bee populations are threatening U.S. agriculture

Much of the American agricultural industry is heavily reliant on one thing — honey bees. Pollinators, like the honeybee,...

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Demand Film partners with the Wheen Bee Foundation

When most of us think of bees, we think of honey. But we often don't think about the vital role bees play in feeding us...

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Backlash over Coles' latest mini plastic toys campaign

Supermarket giant Coles is under fire over its latest marketing campaign - giving out free mini plastic toys with purc...

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supermarket chain hypocritical and irresponsible

It's been labelled the best retail promotion in Australian history. @Coles' Little Shop campaign is back in stores - i...

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Killjoy Greenies call for Boycott

  Campaigners are calling for a boycott of Coles Little Shop toys because they are made of plastic.  The supermarket...

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Dance of the Honey Bee

Dance of the Honey Bee is a visually rich documentary short film by Director of Photography and beekeeper Peter Nelson....

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My inspiration for making The Pollinators

I never get tired of watching bees.   My 30 years of beekeeping attests to that.   I became fascinated with the smal...

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Japanese Resume Commercial Whaling

Japan has resumed commercial whaling after 31 years, meeting a long-cherished goal of traditionalists that's seen as a l...

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So why is the paper wrapped in plastic?

Peloton Against Plastic Filmmakers Paul Hellier and Jamie Lepre "drop their dacks" to draw attention to the 2 billion +...

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Peloton Against Plastic - ABC Radio

OUR MISSION: To travel responsibly, highlight projects making a difference and have a good old time. Plastic is chokin...

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Blue's continuing call to action

Demand Film launched BLUE globally on WORLD OCEANS DAY after an incredible season in Australia (that shows no signs of s...

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Maybe If Our Planet Was Called Ocean Rather Than Earth

My father loved the sea his whole life. He went underwater in the 1940s with a homemade kerosene helmet with a cut-out a...

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What World Oceans Day Means To Me

I definitely had an idyllic childhood growing up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. I lived on a waterfront a...

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