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If you want inspiration you can’t do a lot better than this film.

THE SECRET MARATHON: If you want inspiration you can’t do a lot better than this film. It’s small and plain, but most...

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Documentary ‘Secret Marathon’ premieres this weekend

Marathon runner, Martin Parnell, and filmmaker, Kate McKenzie, share the details of their new documentary about the brav...

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Kate McKenzie and Hirra Farooqi on the new documentary 'The Secret Marathon'

Kate McKenzie and Hirra Farooqi on the new documentary 'The Secret Marathon'The doc spotlights the brave women running i...

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Special Guests for The Secret Marathon Announced

World Premiere Screenings of The Secret Marathon A great group of marathon living legends will be joining us for The...

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Talent On Tap – Kate and Martin Attend and Document The Secret Marathon

Whenever I see someone running on the sidewalk or in the park park, I always want to yell out, “you can’t keep running f...

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Canadian Doc Champions Women Secretly Running Marathons in Afghanistan

Hybrid live-action/animated film 'The Secret Marathon' follows running mentor Martin Parnell and filmmaker Kate McKenzie...

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Game Changer!

Sports can be a great equalizer. News of some women participating in a typical marathon foot race normally won’t cause...

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An Interview With Martin Parnell

Today, I speak with Martin Parnell about his new documentary, The Secret Marathon, which follows him and Kate McKenzie a...

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COLUMN: The Secret Marathon World Wide Gala

In November 2016 Filmmaker Kate McKenzie and I participated in the Marathon of Afghanistan in support of Afghan Women an...

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After sold-out shows at the film’s festival premieres, THE SECRET MARATHON is debuting globally at the end of the month...

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How do I access the film? After you purchase your ticket you receive confirmation from us - this is your ticket (proof...

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Encore Screenings of The Secret Marathon - Feb-March 2021

Demand Film has partnered with the creative team behind THE SECRET MARATHON to bring a unique movie experience to audien...

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The Story Behind The Secret Marathon: Our Inspiration

Picture a woman tying up her shoes heading out for her morning run. She’s dressed modestly, she’s keeping to herself whe...

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The Secret Marathon

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