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Learning how to bee

24 Jan 2020 | CRYSTAL SCHICK - Yukon News

  ‘It’s about learning the values of an elder generation, about how to prioritize.’ In 2015, Naomi Mark thought she was just flying home for a summer to learn to keep bees with her ailing father on their Whitehorse area property. What started as a summer getaway from her metropolitan Vancouver life stretched into three summers of memories and those three years have now been captured indelibly in an 82-minute film: How To Bee. It all started with a 2002 diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) for Naomi’s dad Don — a diagnosis he hid from the family until 2012. “He was a m...
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Bees and Bushfires

21 Jan 2020 | David Doepel

BEES AND BUSHFIRES   To our Demand Film community. There's not a single Australian unaffected by the bushfires. We mourn the loss of life, we stand with victims, we rejoice in the triumph of the h...
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A platform that lets audiences choose what should be screened in cinemas across the world!

08 Jan 2020 | Erica Ngawaka

What If We Got to Decide What's Playing at the Megaplex? 'When The Storm Fades is being shown in cinemas across Canada thanks to a platform that lets audience choose what should be screened'   Wh...
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Vai 8 Stories One Life

Vai 8 Stories One Life    'Vai' a film about women empowerment that spans the breadth of the Pacific telling the sto...

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