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CAT DADDIES is the cat’s meow!

15 Sep 2022 | Demand.Film

"A purrfectly meoww-velous film, Mye Hoang’s documentary CAT DADDIES has all the fuzzy feels. Get ready to fall in love and have your heart stolen by CAT DADDIES! A true “Must See” film" - Behind The Lens CAT DADDIES is a tender portrait of eight men whose love for cats has changed their lives, from internet celebrity to occupational therapy -and in the case of one disabled homeless man, a reason for hope. David Giovanni is living on the streets of New York, determined to stay together with his beloved cat Lucky. When he’s finally granted a spot in a transitional housing facility that accepts...
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Trailer For Cat Daddies
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Trailer For Forest For The Trees
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This indie production packs a hefty message about toxic masculinity

02 Sep 2022 | Demand.Film

Recent news stories have made director and writer, Darcy Yuille’s feature, One Punch, a timely but disturbing choice of subject.  But, when the titular incident occurs, knowing that it’s coming takes...
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You can’t plant a tree without believing in the future

17 Aug 2022 | Demand.Film

Canadian photographer-filmmaker Rita Leistner turns her lens on the denizens of a tree planting camp in British Columbia to explore what it is that brings people such as herself to commit to this grue...
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Another Fantastic ★★★★ Review for CONSCIENTIOUS PROTECTORS

"The documentary brings across all the tension, excitement and trepidation that participants felt. It is an inspirationa...

New Documentary Follows The Extinction Rebellion Protests That Shut Down London

The film follows XR’s founders as they rally activists for the largest nonviolent civil disobedience event this generati...


"This documentary should rightfully double up as a canny handbook on how to conduct civil disobedience." No Tory would...

Conscientious Protectors: A story of rebellion against extinction

Conscientious Protectors puts you right in the middle of the beginnings of the Extinction Rebellion movement. The film f...

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Conscientious Protectors: A Story of Rebellion Against Extinction

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