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27 Aug 2019 | Demand.Film

AGNIYOGANA, the film’s title, refers to the yoking of one’s own inner fire. This inner fire is what transmutes and transforms every living being so they may become more fully awake, vibrant, and alive. The commentary on the Vedas known as the Satapatha Brahmana states: Then…when about to speak the morning prayer, he yokes the fire altar…and when yoked, he obtains all wishes.” (9:4:4:1). So how does one yoke the fire to obtain our wishes for ourselves and humanity? This question is the basis for my lifelong inquiry into Hatha Yoga. As I studied the classical texts and systems of Hatha Yoga, a...
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Trailer For The Rise of Jordan Peterson
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Director Rima Das discusses her latest award winning film Bulbul Can Sing

26 Aug 2019 | Demand.Film

On the day of the Australian Premiere of Bulbul Can Sing, CEO of Demand Film David Doepel sat down with director Rima Das to talk with her about Bulbul Can Sing, her earlier films and her particular...
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Assam: Rima Das’ ‘Bulbul can Sing’ bags another award in Melbourne

26 Aug 2019 | Northeast Now

Assam filmmaker Rima Das brought accolades to the state with her movie "Bulbul Can Sing" once again. Rima’s movie bagged a special award at the Indian film Festival of Melbourne on Thursday. Notably...
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Will 'Ilolahia gets down and personal

Will 'Ilolahia Life with Herbs and the Polynesion Panthers   Will 'Ilolahia It all began before Will 'Ilolahia ori...

Toni Fonoti drops the F Bomb on The Project NZ

TONI FONOTI INSPIRING THE WORLD   With views soaring, The Project NZ was the talk on social media last week. Joining...

Demand Film partners with the Wheen Bee Foundation

When most of us think of bees, we think of honey. But we often don't think about the vital role bees play in feeding us...

Herbs: Songs of Freedom director on his doco about local music legends

NZ MUSIC HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES HERBS ARE CELEBRATED IN NEW DOCO   Herbs: Songs of Freedom celebrates the men from dif...

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