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At Tour De France, Catch The Greatest Announcer Most Americans Have Never Heard

30 Jun 2021 | Rob Salkowitz Senior Contributor. FORBES

Though bicycle road racing is a niche sport in North America at best, there are lots of reasons why some 400,000 Americans tune in to watch cycling’s crown jewel event, the three week long Tour de France, whose 2021 edition is now airing on NBCSN (and occasionally other NBC stations) and streaming on Peacock. If you are a bicyclist or enthusiast, there is of course the thrill of seeing the best in the world ply their trade climbing over daunting mountains or sprinting it out in white-knuckle finishes. There’s the gorgeous scenery of France in midsummer as seen through the event’s soaring aeria...
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Midwife-led home birth ‘shone such a huge light’ says Australian documentary-maker

25 Jun 2021 | Zahra Shahtahmasebi | New Zealand Doctor Online

“We should be talking honestly about this – they may have a ‘normal’ birth, but their experience is traumatising,” Ms Eddy says. “And we just put this under the carpet.” Read the full article at New...
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Q&A with Zoe Naylor from Birth Time: the Documentary

22 Jun 2021 | Fran Ninow, Verve Magazine

Birth Time: the Documentary follow three women who embark on a mission to find out why an increasing number of women are emerging from their births physically and emotionally traumatised. Their discov...
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Phil Liggett's African Safari Peloton

Freedom To Roam AdventuresPhil Liggett's African Safari Peloton 5, 6, 12 & 13 June 2021 “Throughout our 50 years of ma...

Ride with Phil Liggett

WIN a virtual private ride-along with none other than Phil Liggett: The Voice of Cycling Courtesy All you need to do...


The long-awaited feature documentary ‘Phil Liggett: The Voice of Cycling’ made its world premiere at the 2020 Adelaide F...

Liggett reveals Armstrong snub

Phil Liggett was one of Lance Armstrong's biggest defenders during the years of the American's drug-fuelled dominance of...

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