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Why dwindling bee populations are threatening U.S. agriculture

23 Oct 2019 | David Brancaccio, Erika Soderstrom, and Daniel Shin

Much of the American agricultural industry is heavily reliant on one thing — honey bees. Pollinators, like the honeybee, are pivotal in growing and cultivating our fruits, vegetables and nuts. Unfortunately, more and more are dying due to a number of factors. Beekeeper and film director Peter Nelson sat down with “Marketplace Morning Report” host David Brancaccio to talk about his new documentary “The Pollinators,” which explores the bee pollination industry and what’s causing more bees to die every year. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation. David Brancaccio: Tell me...
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For my Fathers Kingdom the inspiration behind the documentary

17 Oct 2019 | Erica Ngawaka

For My Father's Kingdom Vea Mafile'o    Armed only with his faith and converted pram, Saia Mafile'o literally walks miles to deliver the good news on his weekly leaflet run. Like David vz Golia...
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VIFF announces 2019 People’s Choice, Impact and Eco Warrior Award Winners

17 Oct 2019 | 38th Vancouver International Film Festival

VANCOUVER, B.C. (October 11, 2019) – The Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) held its Closing Gala on Friday, October 11 with an awards ceremony celebrating the festival’s most popular film...
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Herbs founder Toni Fonoti Live Q&A with Demand Film

  Before they antagonised me I use to think the police were perfect and they are the goodies, but then i woke-up to...

Carl Perkins - Matua of New Zealand Reggae

H.O.S CARL PERKINS 1959 - 2018 Thinking about You We need to work on these memories of our past and welcome them i...

How to Bee explores beekeeping, father-daughter relationships, and chronic illness Social Sharing

In 2015, filmmaker Naomi Mark returned home to Yukon after several years living in Vancouver. After a bout of pneumonia,...


AGNIYOGANA, the film’s title, refers to the yoking of one’s own inner fire. This inner fire is what transmutes and trans...

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