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Backlash over Coles' latest mini plastic toys campaign

17 Jul 2019 | Demand.Film

Supermarket giant Coles is under fire over its latest marketing campaign - giving out free mini plastic toys with purchases. Anti-plastic campaigners are calling for a boycott of Coles' new range of miniature grocery toys launched today.  Paul Hellier and Jamie Lepre, who have produced a new documentary which investigates the plight of single-use plastic in the world, say Australians should boycott Coles during the promotion.  “This is a slap in the face, showing the hypocrisy of Coles when they've just announced they've saved 1.7 billion single-use plastic bags from landfill over the pas...
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supermarket chain hypocritical and irresponsible

17 Jul 2019 | Demand.Film

It's been labelled the best retail promotion in Australian history. @Coles' Little Shop campaign is back in stores - infuriating environmentalists who are calling the supermarket chain hypocritical...
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Killjoy Greenies call for Boycott

16 Jul 2019 | Demand.Film

  Campaigners are calling for a boycott of Coles Little Shop toys because they are made of plastic.  The supermarket giant is bringing back the Little Shop collectables from Wednesday after the to...
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