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Talent On Tap – Kate and Martin Attend and Document The Secret Marathon

27 Jan 2021 | DARREN WIESNER - Hollywood North Magazine

Whenever I see someone running on the sidewalk or in the park park, I always want to yell out, “you can’t keep running from your problems!” There’s a reason I only yell it in my head – I usually want to humour myself or I’m envious that I ate 3 cookies that morning and topped it off with a sugar rich caramel macchiato! I used to run regularly and even competed in a half marathon on Fathers-Day in Winnipeg approx. 33 years ago. I do recommend it… but only after proper training. Although I considered myself a very good athlete, running a marathon is really taking on the beast! A marathon will te...
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Canadian Doc Champions Women Secretly Running Marathons in Afghanistan

26 Jan 2021 | Etan Vlessing, Hollywood Reporter

Hybrid live-action/animated film 'The Secret Marathon' follows running mentor Martin Parnell and filmmaker Kate McKenzie carrying a torch for women's self-empowerment as part of the Marathon of Afghan...
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Game Changer!

23 Jan 2021 | Asian News Today

Sports can be a great equalizer. News of some women participating in a typical marathon foot race normally won’t cause much of a stir. Ah, but if the race takes place in a country known for its host...
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Freedom, Hope & The Democracy of Running

When the first Afghan woman stood up for her freedom and ran in the Marathon of Afghanistan, she started a movement for...

An Interview With Martin Parnell

Today, I speak with Martin Parnell about his new documentary, The Secret Marathon, which follows him and Kate McKenzie a...

COLUMN: The Secret Marathon World Wide Gala

In November 2016 Filmmaker Kate McKenzie and I participated in the Marathon of Afghanistan in support of Afghan Women an...


After sold-out shows at the film’s festival premieres, THE SECRET MARATHON is debuting globally at the end of the month...

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