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Pacific Mother makes a big splash at Australian Premiere

04 Sep 2023 | Demand.Film

Fresh from winning Best Feature at the Doc Edge Film Festival, the documentary Pacific Mother had its Australian premiere in Sydney at the Ritz Cinema, Randwick last week to a packed audience. In attendance was the films director Katherine McRae and Birth Time co-director Zoe Naylor who hosted an exclusive Q&A.  Pacific Mother is based around Sachiko Fukumoto, a Japanese champion free diver and actress who is married to fellow-free diving champ William Trubridge. It’s an extension to the ultra-short doco Water Baby, which showed Fukumoto’s giving birth at home in a tub in New Zealand – Trub...
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Trailer For Pacific Mother
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Trailer For The Longest Goodbye
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Pacific Mother: A stunning-looking documentary that also has a lot to say

04 Sep 2023 | Graeme Tuckett, Stuff

Sachiko Fukumoto is a diver, actor and – now – film-maker from Japan. Her partner is New Zealander William Trubridge, the world champion free-diver who featured extensively in The Deepest Breath, wh...
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Pacific Mother delivers a feast for the eyes along with food for thought

23 Aug 2023 | Annette Basile, Film Ink

    With its exquisite underwater images, this documentary delivers [boom tish] a feast for the eyes along with food for thought. Intertwined with amazing free diving scenes, it tells the storie...
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‘Hey, spunky, come over here!’: how Audrey Napanangka grew a life-changing family

Napanangka and her Sicilian-born partner have ‘grown up’ more than 30 foster kids in the Northern Territory. A new doc...

An important film, Circle of Silence tells a complex history with great clarity

  This understated documentary takes a little while to find its feet. But when it does, the co-production between Aus...

The Long Rider comes to Australia

A journey of 25,000 kms starts with a single stride. The Long Rider is a film 10 years in the making. Demand Film are e...

Solstice documentary gains widespread screening opportunity through Demand.Film

The acclaimed Solstice documentary is set to be seen in mainstream cinemas across Australia and the world after being...

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