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Stickybottle: Liggett “couldn’t believe” Armstrong’s comments after Sherwen’s death

25 Feb 2021 | Demand.Film

Phil Liggett, the cycling commentator, said he “couldn’t believe” the remarks Lance Armstrong made to him the first time they spoke after Paul Sherwen’s death. Liggett and Sherwen were commentating partners on television for years, working on the world’s biggest races for broadcasters in Britain, Australia and the US. They first teamed up on Channel 4’s Tour de France coverage in the 1980s, when Sherwen was still racing, and were working for NBC Sports in the US at the time of Sherwen’s sudden death two years ago aged 62 years. Liggett is now the subject of a new documentary film, which is...
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Trailer For Fireside chat with Phil and Andrew and Q&A
Trailer For Fireside chat with Phil and Andrew and Q&A
Trailer For Phil Liggett
Trailer For Phil Liggett
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Cycling Australia: Phil Ligget Documentary on the Big Screen in March

25 Feb 2021 | Demand.Film

The long-awaited feature documentary ‘Phil Liggett: The Voice of Cycling’ made its world premiere at the 2020 Adelaide Film Festival and is set for major release across Australia in March. An amateur...
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‘I’m glad they got him’: Phil Liggett, the voice of cycling, on Lance Armstrong

19 Feb 2021 | Garry Maddox Sydney Morning Herald

If you want insights into the colourful world of professional cycling, including the ice-cold mentality of disgraced champion Lance Armstrong, talk to Phil Liggett. The celebrated commentator was one...
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BIRTH TIME: the documentary breaks pre-sales record for documentary for Demand Films

The feature documentary Birth Time has achieved a record box office in pre-sales for distributor Demand Films. The film...

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