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"… an informative doco that raises interesting questions, particularly about the health system and what really is best for families. It’s also, at times, beautiful and emotional when showing the women give birth."

When midwife Mae’t Pearson was working on an obstetrics ward, she noticed that the expectant mothers were “passive”. They “hadn’t … found their power. I saw a lot of things happen to people that didn’t sit well with me,” says Pearson, who now works as a private midwife delivering babies in the home setting.

Pearson is one of many interviewed in this documentary advocating home births. Part of the discussion is about how impersonal – and in some cases traumatic – having babies in a hospital can be.

Born at Home

Born at Home offers sobering statistics, including one about induced births; inductions for first-time mothers have risen from 26% in 2010 to 46% in 2020. What’s going on?

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Born at Home


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