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How do I access the film?
After you purchase your ticket you receive confirmation from us - this is your ticket (proof of purchase). About a week later you receive a "magic link" to the on-line event itself. This link is good for one computer, so two people can watch the same screen for example. But you cant watch it on two computers - or share it with others.
Is the film available all of the time?
No, the film screens at a particular time and is screened in real time, just like in the actual movies.
What devices can I watch it on?
Our Virtual Cinema (which is in partnership with Airmeet) works on Chrome on a computer. You can view in "lite mode" on a tablet in Chrome or on a smart phone in Chrome but you wont have access to the "lounge" or other interactive features.
How do I work out what time it is where I am located?
We have created a number of events in different timezones so you can easily work out what it will be for you.
Can I test the platform in advance?
Yes about a week before the event you will be able to use your magic link and log onto the platform (no sign up necessary). There you will be able to take a look around at the various features - although chances are there wont be anybody else in the lounge. If you have a technical question just click on the ? in the bottom right corner to access technical support.
What happens if I have a technical problem during the event?
Just click on the ? in the bottom right corner of the screen and there is live help from a real human 24/7
Why are there multiple events on in different countries?
This is for added convenience for you the customer. If you are in Canada and purchase one of the Canadian tickets you will be charged in Canadian dollars and you will not get any additional international service fees. If you are in the UK you will be charged in pounds sterling. etc. and our virtual Irish screening charges in Euros. If you are outside one of our regions you can of course still buy a ticket but you will probably incur a small international service fee from your credit card company.
What currency am I charged in?
You will be billed the currency of the country that you buy your ticket from.
What if I dont see my country in the list?
You can buy a ticket from any country but you will be most likely charged a small international service fee by your credit card company.
What films are currently showing in our virtual cinema?
Our first title to launch is THE SECRET MARATHON
The Secret Marathon


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