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The first feature-length documentary to showcase the sport of Triathlon is being launched in over 300 cinemas across the globe on August 8. It’s the ultimate endurance sport where competitors battle their own bodies for 12-15 hours and sometimes crawl over the finish line following complete exhaustion.

We Are Triathletes is a film made by triathletes, for triathletes, and provides an intimate look inside the lives of six long-distance triathletes from four different countries as they prepare for the world’s largest long-distance triathlon.

Ironman Hall of Famer and Executive Producer, Bob Babbitt, believes this documentary will put the sport of triathlon firmly on the map. “This is the first triathlon film in history to be released on over 300 screens around the world. This film is unique because it takes the viewer inside the sport so they can get a feel for the pain and joy that comes from the perspective of triathletes on a global level.”

Bob Babbitt did his first triathlon back in 1978 and immediately knew that the sport had changed his life forever. He is revered in the triathlon world, and there are few, if any, who have done more to pioneer, advocate and energise the sport than Babbitt. He continues this legacy through this documentary.

Director Yanfeng Zhang is also an Ironman triathlon finisher and marathon runner, who embodies the dream of the movie and hopes to spread his passion as far across the world as possible. “The production of We Are Triathletes is due to my own enthusiasm for the sport, and I hope to introduce this endurance sport to more people. I want to show people the spirit of endurance athletes that you can achieve goals that seem so daunting if you set your mind to it. The mental and emotional challenges are greater than the challenges to your body.”

Perhaps nobody is better suited than Rudy Garcia-Tolson to show people that you do not need to be born physically gifted to participate in the Challenge Roth in Germany, arguably the largest long-distance triathlon race in the world. Rudy was born with Popliteal pterygium syndrome, and after 15 operations, Rudy and his family decided to remove his legs at age 5. He is now a triathlete “blade-runner, rider and swimmer.”

We Are Triathletes was recently awarded the prestigious Award of Excellence from The Accolade Global Film Competition. The award was given for its exceptional storyline featuring 6 long distance triathletes including Dang Qi, the first Chinese participant in the Challenge Roth competition, Australia’s 8-time Ironman Champion Luke McKenzie who is juggling the demands of sport and a new baby, and three-time Ironman world champion and 2014 Challenge Roth champion, Australia’s Mirinda Carfrae, who opens up about lost confidence and how she eventually found acceptance in tri. The documentary also profiles Challenge Roth’s race director Felix Walchshoefer. CEO, David Doepel, believes this documentary really gives the triathlete community a way to celebrate their story and history in a dramatic way and maybe introduce others to the sport as well. So it’s also for runners, swimmers and cyclists. “This is a film that is going to be seen by people across the world. I couldn’t think of a more passionate group of film-makers to talk about Triathlon than triathletes themselves – a group of film-makers who can speak directly to the very people who participate, or want to participate in this sport. It’s made for the big screen and to be experienced together.”

For session times and to pre-book your tickets go to Demand.Film And because this is ‘cinema on demand’, if you can’t find a cinema screening near you, you or your sporting club can host your own screening and sell tickets via your social media channels to your mates and colleagues. Demand.Film takes care of all the rest. They reserve the theatre, manage ticket sales and ensure the delivery of the film. Once the ticket threshold is reached, everyone just sits back and enjoys the show.

We Are Triathletes


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