An Anzac peacekeeping mission that used guitars, not guns

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The tale of the peaceful end to a bloody 10-year civil war on Bougainville is being recounted through the documentary, Soldiers Without Guns.

When this military mission headed to war-torn Bougainville, it was guitars and culture rather than rifles that helped bring peace.

An Anzac peacekeeping mission to Bougainville in the wake of the tiny Pacific Island’s savage civil war is finally getting recognition for its efforts to bring order - with guitars instead of rifles. 

Bougainville was devastated by the decade-long conflict during the 1990s, which claimed at least 20,000 lives - or almost one-sixth of the population - and required the intervention of a multi-nation peacekeeping force.

Australian and Kiwi troops have proudly served as peacekeepers, in conjunction with the United Nations, around the world. But this tour of duty was slight different: the troops were unarmed, on the advice of New Zealand Army  Brigadier Roger Mortlock....

Listen to the full story here:

Soldiers Without Guns


Soldiers Without Guns


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