Stickybottle: Liggett “couldn’t believe” Armstrong’s comments after Sherwen’s death

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Phil Liggett, the cycling commentator, said he “couldn’t believe” the remarks Lance Armstrong made to him the first time they spoke after Paul Sherwen’s death.

Liggett and Sherwen were commentating partners on television for years, working on the world’s biggest races for broadcasters in Britain, Australia and the US.

They first teamed up on Channel 4’s Tour de France coverage in the 1980s, when Sherwen was still racing, and were working for NBC Sports in the US at the time of Sherwen’s sudden death two years ago aged 62 years.

Liggett is now the subject of a new documentary film, which is due to be launched in cinemas in Australia next month. He has been interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald in the run up to the film’s release.

He said the first time he met Armstrong after Sherwen’s death, Armstrong confused him with Sherwen on air – at the Tour de France in 2019 – and even said he thought it was Liggett who had died.


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