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Birth Time: the documentary
…not only a treat for cycling fans, but more significantly, an insightful exploration of a passionate human being. 

Phil Liggett is the voice of cycling, having commentated the sport since the 1970s. He has not only cemented himself as a legend of cycling, but sport in general. Remembering the Man and Mamil directors Nickolas Bird and Eleanor Sharpe team up again to bring his story to light. His iconic voice has reached millions around the world, and now it is time for his story to do the same.

Liggett’s career is explored through the years, dating back to his childhood, where his skill as a cyclist never lived up to his dream of becoming a pro. Each story told by Liggett is complemented by an array of archival photos and footage, ensuring the atmosphere suitably matches the era in discussion, and scenes seamlessly transition thanks to swift editing.

Phil Liggett



Phil Liggett


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