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Before they antagonised me I use to think the police were perfect and they are the goodies, but then i woke-up to the realisation the Oh my goodness they don't like coloured people - Toni Fonoti 



Demand Film were extremely delighted to have Herbs founder Toni Fonoti join us for a Live Q&A Thursday 10th October. Many NZ/Kiwi ex-pats, musicians including the cast joined us and put forward some interesting questions. Toni discusses the Herbs: Songs of Freedom in depth. Toni also speaks about starting the Herbs Band and reasons behind the beginning of what would become a movement. Other related topics Toni talked about was the Polynesian Panther movement, Dawn Raids in New Zealand back in the 70's and the songs that he wrote on their first album What's Be Happenin, French Letter, Dragons and Demons and What' Be Happenin.

Check out the full live video here...





HERBS: Songs of Freedom


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