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Four By 3000, A journey through the toughest bike ride in the world goes global and the interest just proves that Cycling still remains as one of the top sports in the world. Previous cycling films Demand Film has distributed include All For One, Le Ride a Phil Keoghan film, and MAMIL; Middle aged Men in Lycra, the demand was so great that encore screenings were in need. 

Four by 3000 made headlines with PEZ Cycling News where author Leslie Reissner says it well.

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Four by 3000 is superbly filmed and a fascinating inside portrait of how much a team functions. Much of what is shown is not so much the riders out on the road but what happens in the vans, or at transitions, or at timing stations. All the hard work, the investment of time and money, is played out against the magnificent backdrop of America the Beautiful.

Four by 3000

America is not enough for some people, as the blossoming of unsupported ultra races has shown. Nonetheless, RAAM remains a monumental event and "Four by 3000" is a credit to it.


Screenings of Four by 3000 on now in selected cinemas across USA and Canada.

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Four by 3000


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