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Cat Daddies

"Through entertaining and heartwarming stories, the documentary Cat Daddies is proof that it's an outdated stereotype to think that people who love cats are mostly women. The movie is really about how humans and cats enrich each others' lives" - Culture Mix

"Well-edited, captivating and heartfelt" - NYC Movie Guru

"Soars through all the trouble. It does not not ignore or minimize the gigantic challenges in our lives, but shows a way to cope when confronting disaster and death. And, yes, it warms the heart of even the sternest, dog-loving people among us" - ScreenAnarchy

"The film is a heartwarming charmer that shows men of diverse interests and backgrounds celebrating the unconditional love they have for their furry friends" - AWFJ Women on Film

"Mye Hoang's irresistibly appealing documentary is so insightfully observed, beautifully crafted and warmly empathetic that even normally feline-averse viewers will want to sing its praises and hold it close to their hearts" - The Moving Picture Show

Cat Daddies


Man has found a new best friend: Tora, Pickles, Lucky, Zulu, Toodles, Flame and GoalKitty. These are just some of the lovable feline stars of director Mye Hoang’s debut documentary film CAT DADDIES. A heartwarming and tender portrait of a diverse group of men whose lives have been forever changed by their love of cats, CAT DADDIES takes us on an inspiring journey all across the United States during the challenging early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when people desperately needed hope and companionship. These nine “cat dads” come from all walks of life – a firefighter, a truck driver, a Hollywood stuntman, an ad executive turned cat rescuer, a police officer, a software engineer, an actor/Instagram influencer, a school teacher and an undocumented and disabled immigrant living on the streets of New York City. They couldn’t be any more different, but each of them has a compelling story to tell and share an unconditional love for their beloved cats. A refreshing and timely exploration of modern masculinity, CAT DADDIES shows us how being a “cat person” has no gender, and that the unlikely bond between man and cat is here to stay.

CAT DADDIES is now available in select cinemas across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and Ireland from 24th October. Either book your tickets if a screening is already on sale or you can host your very own! In order for each screening to go ahead the minimum ticket threshold must be met, so please share the news with friends, family and your local community.
Cat Daddies


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