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Birth Time: the documentary


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Midwife-led home birth ‘shone such a huge light’ says Australian documentary-maker

“We should be talking honestly about this – they may have a ‘normal’ birth, but their experience is traumatising,” Ms Ed...

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Q&A with Zoe Naylor from Birth Time: the Documentary

Birth Time: the Documentary follow three women who embark on a mission to find out why an increasing number of women are...

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Birth Time Extended Interview on The Today Show

Extended Interview with Zoe, Jo, Jerusha the three filmmakers of Birth Time: The Documentary  

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BIRTH TIME: the documentary breaks pre-sales record for documentary for Demand Films

The feature documentary Birth Time has achieved a record box office in pre-sales for distributor Demand Films. The film...

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What makes a good birth?

A healthy mother and child is the first priority, but a good experience is also important. A new documentary, Birth Ti...

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Actress Zoe Naylor's documentary sheds light on Australia's 'broken' maternity system

Actor, producer and activist Zoe Naylor shares the insight she garnered while co-creating Birth Time: the documentary...

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Birth Time: the documentary

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